Yes, No. On the Go

Overview: Tallyy is a social networking mobile app for asking friends, family, and more on everyday life decisions. The concept started primarily as a simple, intuitive yes/no voting platform aimed at millenials. Involvement included leading the user experience and design practice for desiging the mobile app and user flows.

Challenge: The problem centered around bringing the concept from what the founder wanted to life in a easy to use mobile experience. In depth research was performed before designing including analzying the targeted audience and performing contextual interviews and prototype testing. Meeting the desired results in three months, Tallyy successfully launched on the iOS market.

Key Objectives

1. Analyze the target audience and their needs.
2. Design user flows and gather user requirements.
3. Deliver on UX/UI designs for product launch.


1. In-dept user research.
2. Concepting & Ideation.
3. Design wireframes and UI
4. Prototype and launch.