Ondemand Language Translator Services

Overview: TalkLingo is a translating service that connects you, the roadwarriors, and jet-setters of the world, with language experts in realtime. Open the app, select the language, specify the number at which you can be reached, then get a live inerpreter on the phone within seconds. Communicate with anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

Problem: Taking the time to carefully understand the idea and doing extensive user research, TalkLingo transformed from a concept to a tangible product for customers. To accomplish the goal of launching with a tight schedule, primary work included designing around a mobile experience that met user experience requirements from wireframes to launch.

Key Objectives

1. Perform research to understand customer needs.
2. Design a mobile first intuitive experience.
3. Deliver and test designs for product launch.


1. In-dept user research.
2. Concepting & Ideation.
3. Design and annotate wireframes.
4. Prototype and iterate.