Florida Power & Light


Challenge: FPL has been a recurring partner with Fjord. Since it's relatiionship, Fjord has helped FPL becomes a JD Power recipient by changing their self-services as a utility company. Several projects involved included their award winning mobile app, construction management system, and payment assistant portal. My role for this project was leading the user experience and interaction design for launching the mobile app for FPL's customers.

Key Objectives

1. Analyze the current mobile web experience and identify key user experiences for the mobile app.
2. Research best practices in the mobile app industry specifically around account management.
3. Design and deliver annotated wireframes for mobile development.


1. In-dept user research.
2. Concepting & Ideation.
3. Design wireframes and UI
4. Prototype and launch.

User Research: During the initial research and concepting, I conducted several activities to understand the user requirements for the mobile app. Looking at best practices in mobile apps, and understanding the user needs, I was able to identify key features needed for FPL customers. This downsized the list of features the client wanted and focused more on the important needs of the customers.

My recommendations from the research helped identify managing a customer's bill, reporting an outage, and seeing their power usage.

Design: After presenting two concepts to the client, my role focused on designing and producing key experiences for the mobile app launch. Working closely with the client and developers, I produced several wireframes that detailed the different flows a user would perform on the FPL mobile app. I also worked closely and performed several QA tasks and reviews.