Celebrity Cruises

Transforming Modern Luxury

Challenge: Celebrity Cruises wanted to revamp their website to be more modern and align to their brand Modern Luxury. However, we challenged the business stakeholders in rethinking their digital experience from inspiration to rebooking. Our goal was to not only redesign the booking experience, but also think from a user-centered focus of the entire cruise experience.

Key Objectives

1. Research and understand the user needs and why people want to go on a cruise.
2. Provide concepts and recommendations for the digital experience.
3. Deliver on a UX/UI that focused on personalization and knowing the user.


1. In-dept user research.
2. Concepting & Ideation.
3. Design wireframes and UI
4. Prototype and launch.

User Research: As part of the design team, I performed several different types of user research activities to gain a deeper understanding of the cruise industry. Before coming up with a solution, it was important to ask the right questions and understand the needs of the guest. I conducted activities such as user interviews, shadowing employees, competitive analysis, website audit, and more. Based on the research, I identified that Celebrity had the opportunity to elecit the same feelings guests experience while on ship within their digital experience, bridging the gap.

Our findings help us start to think about personalizing the digital experience for the customers.

Synthesizing the Research: While understanding the research, we were able to identify several key personas, understand the touchpoints of the cruise experience, and identify opportunities. I completed several deliverables including journey mapping. client workshop, and service blueprint.

Design: After defining key themes for Celebrity, the team created a future vision that was driven by personalization, modern luxury, and mobile first. Through 6 sprints, we helped design key flows that focused on a seamless, digital experience for the guests of Celebrity.