Carnival Cruises

The Next Wave of Ocean Travel

Challenge: The Carnival Medallion will revolutionize the crusiing industry. The medallion will help elevate the guest experience by offering state of the art technology. Focus on the project was designing from the Crew experience how to interact with guests including drink and food ordering, room cleaning, and boarding. Taking these self-services will transform the cruise into experience like no other.

Working with several agencies, I entered into the project midway of the concepting and design phase. I designed several key user experiences for the diverse staff members that leaned on supporting guest requests when needed including room service, wait staff, and ready to board management. Service design played a key part in understanding how the staff could anticipate guest needs through the medallion interface.

Key Objectives

1. Catch up on the indepth research done for Carnival, familiarizing myself of the personas, journeymaps, and user needs.
2. Research and concept key workflows of staff members for Carnival.
3. Provide recommendations for the Medallion interface.
4. Design key screens for development.


1. In-dept user research and requirements
2. Concepting and ideation for key experiences
3. Sketching and design with annotated wireframes
4. Elevate designs through UI kit

Research Design: Coming onboard for the Carnival project, I worked closely with several business stakeholders and development leads to design key experiences for managing tasks for waitstaff and crew members of Carnival ships. I concepted several ideas that simplified assigning tasks, viewing active requests, and monitoring guest needs for the Carnival Medallion.